Saving You Money

Security Source is committed to finding ways to save our customers money. One of the ways we do this is by providing our customers with the industry’s best reporting. Every product request or service call we perform for you is logged into our system. All the information we collect while servicing your locations is your information. We can tell you at any time:

  • Total CCTV expenditures
  • Total service expenditure, broken out by types of service.
  • Total CCTV expenditure by region or district
  • Total # of requests made
  • Average # of requests per location (month or quarter)
  • Which locations exceed the average # of requests
  • Percentage of requests made that were “High” priority vs. percentage of “Standard” priority

Giving You Insight

By looking at this information on a regular basis, we can find the areas of your video surveillance program which require better processes, more training, and more. This information can help us work together to find ways to reduce your costs.