Taco Bell


  • 12-camera installations permitted coverage that identified production slowdowns, minimized theft and reduced slip/fall claims.
  • Installation avoided disruption of restaurants during normal hours.
  • Completed installation and testing in 800 locations in just 180 days.
  • Pre-tested equipment to reduce time in the restaurant.
  • Remote connection permitted project management oversight.
  • 24/7 on-call service as needed.

Installing a video camera really isn’t that tough, to be honest.

But how about installing a 12-camera system to identify production slowdowns, reduce theft and minimize slip/fall claims?

How about doing it without disturbing the daily operations of a restaurant?

In 800 locations in 180 days?

That was a challenge, for sure. So much so that Taco Bell issued an RFP to identify a vendor who could handle this immense, complicated job.

They chose Security Source.

We got to work doing what we do – creating a plan that matches our customer’s need, no matter how complex the challenge.

Minimize disruptions