How do you install 12-camera surveillance systems in 800 food chain locations across the country in six months – all without disrupting daily operations? It’s not easy, but this is exactly the kind of challenge we love.

Taco Bell
“Security Source is our vendor of choice for our CCTV needs. Providing quality cost-effective equipment is something that many vendors will claim they can offer you – Security Source delivered on that and so much more! Security Source provided a quality, professional team who have treated us like valued customers before, during and most importantly, after our projects and roll outs.”
STEVEN BOVA, Director Asset Protection Operations, Taco Bell Corp. | Yum! Brands Inc


Taco Bell wanted to update video surveillance systems in 800 restaurants during normal business hours without disturbing the restaurants’ daily operations and within a six-month time period. According to Taco Bell, the installation of these cameras would help identify production slowdowns, internal theft and reduce slip/fall claims. Given the complexity of the challenge, Taco Bell issued an RFP to evaluate the largest possible pool of vendor capabilities and cost. Ultimately, Taco Bell chose Security Source.


The challenge Taco Bell was facing may have seemed daunting to them, but it was not daunting to Security Source. Using its well documented processes for the installation of video surveillance systems, Security Source got to work right away. By performing the installations in the morning as the locations were preparing for the day, Security Source minimized disruptions to the restaurant and its patrons.

Security Source and Taco Bell worked together to divide the country into regions. Security Source then focused on installing the camera systems one region at a time, assigning technicians to different parts of each region, allowing them to complete multiple sites per day. The installation process also consisted of pre-programming the cameras by Security Source’s certified technical support team prior to shipping the hardware. This allowed Security Source’s technicians to spend less time on-site.

Upon completion of the installation of the video surveillance system, Taco Bell allowed the Security Source project manager to connect remotely into the stores’ DVRs to review the camera placements and views ensuring 100% satisfaction before the technician left the premises In addition to a talented technical workforce, Security Source support personnel were “on-call” 24 hours/day in order to approve the camera locations and help with network issues that arose.


Security Source was able to complete the 12-camera system installations at 800 Taco Bell locations throughout the U.S. in six months. The Security Source technicians completed the installation with zero time delay. Taco Bell personnel were able to view the cameras remotely immediately after completion of the system.

Taco Bell
“We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Taco Bell team for a long time and developed a great partnership with Steve and his team. This project of installing new camera systems in 800 Taco Bell locations over a six month period really showed the talents of our project management team from start to finish. Security Source and Taco Bell put together a great plan to get to the installs done quickly and in the least intrusive way as possible. Each phase of the project was done on time – and demonstrated the power of a great partnership.”
JUSTIN WORMELL, President, Security Source


Security Source’s professionalism, well documented processes and nationwide network of quality technicians provide professional installation quickly and efficiently. The technicians maintained clean work environments during the installation so that the consumers and Taco Bell employees were not impacted. Security Source representatives communicated with Taco Bell corporate personnel regarding scheduling and supplied camera views and installation invoices within a day of completion.