• Automation allows cameras to provide coverage of all key areas
  • “Live Look” solution achieved strategic goals without taxing infrastructure
  • Image quality was excellent; detailed images allowed monitoring of food and employee presentation
  • Camera presence encouraged employee compliance and improved service
  • Sales and transactions increased in every category vs. non-camera stores
  • A scalable solution, both affordable and quick to roll out

Ever grabbed a slice of pizza in a mall or airport? Then you probably know Sbarro. The company owns more than 500 restaurants (and many more are franchised) in 46 states.

Like many quick-serve restaurants, performance and profitability depend on the customer experience. Food must be plentiful, visible and appetizing. Employees must engage with the customer and present a positive image.

Video monitoring helps ensure that these conditions are met.

Unfortunately, with so many stores in widespread locations, bandwidth limitations make continuous real-time video monitoring impractical for Sbarro.

So, we needed to get creative.

Live versus “Live Look”