At Security Source we love a challenge, and installing 800 DVRs in 90 days for a major retail bank played to all our strengths in product consulting and project management – and attested to our can-do attitude.

“I have been in this industry a long time and know a lot of vendors, and I know there is no other vendor that could have done what [Security Source] did in such a short period of time. Thank you!”
RON POWERS, Vice President of Loss Prevention, Santander


Santander was spending excessively on service costs and losing business from closed branches – all a result of its video surveillance system. Santander’s equipment was old and obsolete – some DVRs were more than fourteen years old and could not be serviced, having been manufactured by a company that went out of business. The high volume of service calls on the existing DVR platforms due to their age was driving excessive costs. Malfunctioning systems were causing loss of business due to the Santander branches not being able to open.

With costs rising and the security of its operations on the line, Santander called on Security Source to install 800 DVRs in a 90-day period in Santander locations spread throughout the Northeast from Maine to Pennsylvania.



Security Source immediately went to work and with close communication with Santander recommended several different manufacturer and product options that would best solve the problem. Ultimately, Santander selected the March Networks NVR (Network Video Recorder) Platform.

Understanding the essential business needs of Santander, Security Source organized its own technicians in the Northeast to install 800 March NVRs across nine states in 90 days, averaging ten installations a day. Adding to the challenge, the project had to be completed prior to a Santander-imposed network freeze that was scheduled well before the selection of Security Source. Recognizing the importance of this business requirement, Security Source’s certified technical support team pre-programmed each recorder prior to shipping to ensure every NVR was programmed accurately, thereby saving time on site and meeting the time-critical need. Security Source’s highly skilled project management team put together a schedule to meet Santander’s time requirements while also creating a detailed installation guide.

The result: every installation was performed consistently and flawlessly. In addition, Security Source’s technicians performed day-to-day service calls on the existing system as well while executing the roll out of the replacement system, thereby saving Santander time and money by taking advantage of these opportunities to install a March NVR immediately. Security Source managed the schedule changes masterfully, keeping Santander fully informed each step of the way.


Santander experienced an immediate reduction in cost through lower service calls. As a direct result of the reduced down time of the equipment, there were increases in security and efficiency noticed by all departments and levels of operations. Branches no longer needed to close because of faulty video surveillance equipment. Best of all, the Security Source/March Networks solution provided Santander with a future-proofed video platform with which they are able to grow, by utilizing their existing cameras while easily migrating to next-generation IP cameras at their own pace.

March Networks Command Enterprise Software (CES) allows Santander to centrally manage all of the March NVRs across their operations. CES allows for all NVRs to be monitored for battery failure, camera failure and hard drive failure as well as to check and observe all systems’ storage retention. The solution also gave Santander’s command center the ability to monitor cameras from multiple sites at one time thereby helping reduce false alarms and vagrant issues.

“We love Santander. By being informed and involved, Santander plays to Security Source’s greatest strengths in project management, technology selection and reliable installation. We love a challenge, it fuels our sense of mission and purpose. This project allowed us to showcase all of our strengths.”
JUSTIN WORMELL, President, Security Source


  Security Source’s experience and vast product knowledge helped Santander to pick the best solution that reduced its costs and improve security operations. Security Source’s professionalism, well documented process and quality technicians provided installation quickly and efficiently across a large geographic area. Throughout the project, the Security Source team continuously communicated with Santander personnel creating a healthy and valuable partnership.