Throughout your career, you may have been asked, once or twice, “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” It’s a question usually asked by interviewers to uncover things that motivate you or determine if you’re a good fit for their organization. As a job seeker, your response probably sounded like an over-rehearsed, canned monologue. But should it? It’s not often we look internally and ask ourselves that question, or more importantly – give an honest answer.

Consider what your mornings look like. Do you wake up excited to go to work, or does your morning routine consist of dragging yourself out of the bed and giving yourself pep talks about surviving the day? For most, the reality lies somewhere in the middle. Although, there are truly fortunate people out there that love their job – including many talented security professionals that just joined Security Source from industry competitors.

Why are industry security professionals flocking over to Security Source in droves? Well…we asked them. Not surprisingly, the consensus around the workplace intangibles such as company culture, leadership, and job security were overwhelmingly positive. But when asked about the top 3 things that set Security Source apart from the rest – you’re not going to believe what they had to say.


The industry is recognizing the value Security Source brings each and every day – and their customers are rewarding them for it.  “It’s exciting to see our efforts directly contributing to the company’s goals and success,” says Jenna Pini, Vice President of Operations at Security Source. “I don’t just take calls and enter purchase orders; I am a trusted advisor and t