Many people, including Loss Prevention and Security professionals in various industries, would be surprised to learn that the self-storage industry faces challenges with employee theft similar to many retailers. In the article entitled, Self-Storage Employee Theft: Signs That It’s Happening and What to Do About It, Inside Self-Storage magazine highlights a few examples of the challenges this industry faces. From the traditional crime of time theft to the more complex issue of ghost units, the article explains how these losses occur and identifies some best practices to prevent them.

Employee theft cannot be easily prevented without the right technology. In today’s busy environment conducting manual onsite audits is cumbersome and costly. Not only is the cost of an auditor’s salary a consideration, but travel is inefficient and costly. However, with the right technology a single auditor can audit a facility remotely without ever having to incur travel costs. Aside from the obvious cost savings, there is the added efficiency of auditing dozens of facilities per day – something that simply cannot be done by physically visiting each facility. Conducting more audits translates to early detection of deficiencies — and early detection leads to early remedies.

With the right partner to help you select the appropriate CCTV and access control technology solution that is customized to your organization’s needs, you can rest assured that not only will employee dishonesty be deterred, but that your self-storage staff is performing exactly how you expect.<