Many business leaders admit they are not getting the most out of their camera systems. How could this be? Well…they are not seeking the guidance of a video surveillance professional. A security solution deployment involves logistical planning, technical expertise, and institutional knowledge – there’s a lot going on and the stakes are high. Integrators that specialize in video surveillance, such as Security Source, can provide the expertise business leaders can count on to recommend, design, and implement the right solution.

Video surveillance systems continue to evolve along with the emergence of newer technologies, such as IP, cloud, edge, analytics, and automation. Today’s video systems are capable of much more than just security – they now have the power to support the business in more powerful ways. Newer technologies have opened the selection and installation process to new considerations:

Recording platform

Loss prevention executives and business leaders often do not have the time to research or maintain competencies in emerging technologies. Security Source is a full-service integrator with expertise in video-based technologies, so you don’t have to be. Already have a recording platform or need a new one? No problem. Security Source is product agnostic and can make recommendations based on your business needs. Check out our growing list of industry partners

Camera types

Selecting the right camera is critically important to the business security strategy. There are no one-size fits all cameras. Today’s cameras are designed for a spec