One of the biggest mistakes a loss prevention or asset protection leader can make is not selecting the right physical security integrator. This decision is at the very root of what you are asked to do for your organization – ensuring the safety and security of your employees, customers, and property. With ever-increasing violence and losses topping $33 billion per year, every public-facing business needs a robust security system. They need the right solutions, quickly and professionally deployed, and reliably installed and maintained at a scalable cost. The integrator selection process can be overwhelming if you don’t take a thoughtful approach from the very start. Selecting your physical security pro must begin with the TEAMS approach:

  • Transparency
  • Expertise
  • Agnostic
  • Management
  • Scalability

This approach ensures that your organization will secure a fast, focused, and flexible partner for all its physical security needs.


Adding physical security is a major investment that requires ongoing service and repairs to ensure that each component, critical to protecting your company’s most valuable assets, remains 100% functional. Selecting an integrator that is committed to full transparency will save you time and money. Look for security integrators that offer detailed reporting on:

  • Total expenditures, with month over month, and year over year comparisons
  • Total service expenditure, broken out by types of service—“High” v. “Standard” priority
  • Total expenditure by geography – state, region, district, or location
  • Total # of requests made – and number of dispatches averted by knowledgeable customer service reps—without cost to you
  • Which locations exceed the average number of r